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Retail and wholesale

WKC offers retailers and wholesalers worldwide the opportunity to stock standard items as well as customized products for the local market. Get more information here. 

Increase your sales by adding our high quality brand of products to your range of goods and raise even more customer interest in your business.
WKC offers a wide variety of different models of swords, sabers, dagger, champagne swords, miniatures, and uniform accessories from sword knots to buttons.

As our local partner, we will support you to better your business by developing new products according to your customerĀ“s requirements in order to fulfill individual demands. Become a one-stop-shop for your clientele and take advantage of our strong brand WKC which is well known for quality products since the middle ages. History has proven that quality generates acceptance and always prevails.
We are content when our swords attract new customers and increase your turnover and recognition in the market.
If you are interested in being our agent/representative for government sales, please contact us today to become a long-term partner of WKC.

contact details
WKC Stahl- und Metallwarenfabrik
Wittkullerstrasse 140-144
42719 Solingen

POC:  Mr. Andre Willms
Managing Director and Head of Sales
Email: Andre.Willms@wkc-solingen.de
Tel: +49 212-31 20 77
Fax: +49 212-31 61 83