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As oldest and producing factory for edge weapons we strive to keep traditional manufacturing processes alive, including the forging of real japanese samurai swords, katana, wakizashi and tanto.
Using the best steel from springsteel to folded steel and handforging technique, we create unique masterpieces that are ready to use for tameshigiri.
The hamon lines (hardening lines) on our blades are real and not artificially created. They reflect the different hardness zones of the blade. The edge is very hard to keep the sharpness for a long time, whereas the spine is  softer and flexible for absorbing the cutting impact.
The fuller (bloodgroove) creates a sizzling sound when the blade is cutting through the air.
Each sword is individually manufactured a piece of art made of steel, iron, wood, silk and real stingray skin.
Special productions with acid etched or gun blue blades we manufacture on request as well as personalizations.
Training swords for Iaido with a handforged and hardened stainless steel blade are available as well.
In our online shop you find a variety of Katanas, Iaito, Wakizashi and tanto as well as accessories.

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