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Ceremonial swords for Military, Police and other institutions

WKC is the oldest, existing, producing factory for edged weapons worldwide and is equipped with an extensive variety of ceremonial swords for more than 80 countries.  

As a customer, you can count on the know-how we have acquired in our more than 130 years of existance. We have access to over 700 different models of swords, daggers and sabers; from Chile to Australia, Canada to Malaysia, Norway to South-Africa – there is hardly any black spot on the map that we have not supplied.

Through the acquisition of numerous tools, models, machines and dies from the previous Wilkinson Sword factory in London, we enhanced our assortment of weapons for England and former colonies in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, which we currently produce at the highest level of quality.

Prestigious military academies like West Point in USA or Sandhurst in the UK rate amongst our regular customers. We manufacture by traditional manual labour according to your specifications, drawings or physical samples. Besides new production we also provide refurbishments and restorations.

Contact us for the development of new edged weapons as well as the re-introduction of your historical models. At WKC you have access to our enourmous tool collection including dies made in the 19th century. Our capacity ranges from single pieces to large-lot-producion of up to several thousand swords per order.

Apart from hand- or rollforged blades made of stainless steel or special springsteel,
our edged weapons feature very detailed blade etchings as well as fine-chiseled guards and fittings.

Our products are durable and long-lasting and are often times handed-down from generation to generation and worn with pride. An optimal cost-benefit ratio is one of our business goals.

Enquiry today without obligation at: hello@wkc-solingen.de
Some of our standard swords and sabers you will find in our online shop.

For historical clubs as well as members of military and police forces we have special offers.