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In our workshop in Solingen we carry out the professional refurbishment of edged weapons.  

Starting with disassembly we can then grind and polish parts, plate, wrap the handles and replace leather scabbards, aand do whatever is necessary in order to make your heritage look brand new. 
Restoration of blade etchings is also possible. It requires either the original etching tool, which we may have in our workshop, or a detailed template which we will use to create a new etching tool 1:1. 
In order to quote, we need photos and descriptions of the defective parts along with the information about what exactly you would like refurbished and how (e.g the piece should look completely or please only replaced the blade or please only use original parts etc). 
After examination, we furnish you with a detailed offer, including our own suggestions for which work should be done.

Please note that we do not do valuations of edged weapons.

Please send your detailed enquiry to: bestellung@wkc-solingen.de