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Champagner Sword - Vive le Tradition

Vive le Sabrage !

This Singular French Tradition '' Sabrage'' with the Briquet sword was brought from Napoleon in the year 1812, after he won battles.

The tradition of cracking bottle of Champagne has crossed the borders of France and becomes a unique moment for each celebrations, weddings, Silvester or conclusion of a deal, any special events...

Cracking a bottle of champagne - called sabrage - is simple: after removing both the aluminium foil and the little wire basket, take the bottle tightly in one hand with your arm almost outstretched and take the sword handle firmly in the other hand. Lay the blade flat either on it’s edge or on it’s back and direct it to the cork then, drag the blade forwards along the bottle with a controlled movement and little swing. Have the glasses ready, the champagne comes streaming out !.

The attention of the spectators is certain, and the "Sabreur" will be highly applaused. The reduced bottle head with corks is marked with the date and serves then as a nice ''souvenir'' of the celebration or even as talisman like in France.

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